The SISMEL-Edizioni del Galluzzo Publisher was born in 1996 with the aim of publishing, above all, the results of researches and cultural initiatives promoted by or linked to the Società Internazionale per lo Studio del Medioevo Latino (www.sismelfirenze.it) that, founded in 1984, as time went by, has become a benchmark for the studies about Latinity in the Middle Ages.
The publisher activities have grown up, publishing works with an outstanding academic reputation and in the last years the SISMEL-Edizioni del Galluzzo, in agreement with the Fondazione Ezio Franceschini (www.fefonlus.it), in the context of the Gianfranco Contini archive's initiatives, has broadened its area of expertise opening out to Italianistic and Romance Our catalogue, grown up more and more, counts many series, journals and electronic editions that deal with medieval Latin literature, hagiography, philosophy, paleography, iconography, medieval and romance philology, italianistic and religious literature.
The extensive bibliographic repertories of the SISMEL and the journals published by Edizioni del Galluzzo are available online on Mirabile. Digital Archives for Medieval Latin Culture. We wait for your contacts for suggestions and proposals (or... claims).
Finally, our page of editorial rules is made available to all authors.
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