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Michael M. Gorman

Biblical Commentaries from the Early Middle Ages

Ril.  pp. XIV-513, € 88
CollanaMillennio Medievale, 032
SottocollanaReprints, 04
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The Encyclopedic Commentary on Genesis Prepared for Charlemagne by Wigbod - An Unedited Fragment of an Irish Epitome of St Augustine's "De Genesi ad Litteram" - A Carolingian Epitome of St Augustine's "De Genesi ad litteram" - The Commentary on Genesis Attributed to Auxilius in Ms. Monte Cassino 29* - Wigbod and the "Lectiones" on the Hexateuch Attributed to Bede in Paris Lat. 2342 - The Commentary on the Pentateuch Attributed to Bede in PL 91.189-394 (Part I) - The Commentary on Pentateuch Attributed to Bede in PL 91.189-394 (Part II) - Theodore of Canterbury, Hadrian of Nisida and Michael Lapidge - The Glosses on Bede's "De temporum ratione" Attributed to Byrhtferth of Ramsey - Wigbod and Biblical Studies under Charlemagne - The Commentary on Genesis of Claudius of Turin and Biblical Studies under Louis the Pious - The Commentary on Kings of Claudius of Turin and its Two Printed Editions (Basel, 1531; Bologna, 1755) - The Visigothic Commentary on Genesis in Autun 27 (S. 29) - A Critique of Bischoff's Theory of Irish Exegesis. The Commentary on Genesis in Munich Clm 6302 (Wendepunkte 2) - The Oldest Epitome of Augustine's "Tractatus in Euangelium Ioannis" and Commentaries on the Gospel of John in the Early Middle Ages - The Carolingian Miscellany of Exegetical Texts in Albi 39 and Paris Lat. 2175.
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