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Word, Image, Number. Communication in the Middle Ages

Edited by John J. Contreni and Santa Casciani

Bros.  pp. 457+35 tavv. f.t., € 72
CollanaMicrologus Library, 08
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G. MAZZOTTA, The Theology of Communication - R. WRIGHT, Early Medieval Pan-Romance Comprehension - J. J. CONTRENI, Counting, Calendars, and Cosmology: Numeracy in the Early Middle Ages - D. APPLEBY, Instruction and Inspiration through Images in the Carolingian Period - W. M. STEVENS, Field and Streams: Language and Practice of Arithmetic an Geometry in Early Medieval Schools - SH. E. J. GERSTEL, The Sins of the Farmer: Illustrating Village Life (and Death) in medieval Byzantium - M.-TH. ZENNER, Imaging a Building: Latin Euclid and Practical Geometry - S. CASCIANI, Sacred Oratory and Audience: Preaching in Medieval Italy - CH. KLEINHENZ, Courtly Codes and Popular Diction in Medieval Italian Poetry - SH. NAVEH, Hebrew as the Holy Tongue: Judah Al-Harizi and Divine Eloquence - L. M. BRYANT, "What Face to Put On?": Extravagance and Royal Authority in Louis XI's Ceremonies - J. L. BERGGREN, Medieval Arithmetic: Arabic Texts and European Motivations - P. NIGHTINGALE, Communication Through Capital and Trade: Money and the Rise of a Market Economy in Medieval Europe - F. J. SWETZ, «Figura mercantesco»: Merchants and the Evolution of a Number Concept in the Latter Middle Ages. General Index - Index of Biblical Citations - Index of Manuscripts - Index of Words.
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