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Gabriele Baldassari

Un laboratorio del petrarchismo. Metrica e macrotesto nel Canzoniere Costabili

PB  pp. XXII-356, € 51
SeriesQuaderni di Stilistica e metrica italiana, 05
SubseriesFellowship Marco Praloran, 01
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The examination places the vast collection of the area known as Canzoniere Costabili under a metric-formal analysis by identifying the unique aspects of the unknown author’s stylistic personality, and by outlining a number of significant changes throughout the macrotext. Featuring a large number of ideas on the intertextual plane, this logical comparison with the models of Petrarch, Giusto de’ Conti and Matteo Maria Boiardo results character that’s experimental, yet far from unaware of fifteenth century Petrarchism.
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