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Ritual Healing. Magic, Ritual and Medical Therapy from Antiquity until the Early Modern Period

Edited by Ildikó Csepregi and Charles Burnett

Bros.  pp. VI-221, € 50
CollanaMicrologus Library, 48
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Il volume č disponibile anche online su Mirabile. Archivio digitale della Cultura Medievale  
I. CSEPREGI, Preface. S. BHAYRO, 'He shall play with his hand, and you shall be well': Music as Therapy in I Samuel 16:14-23 - G. BOHAK, From Qumran to Cairo: The Lives and Times of a Jewish Exorcistic Formula. With an Appendix by Shaul Shaked - V. NUTTON, From Noah to Galen: a Medieval Latin History of Medicine - Á. M. NAGY, Daktylios pharmakites. Magical Healing Gems and Rings in the Graeco-Roman world - M. E. GORRINI, Healing Statues in the Greek and Roman World - I. CSEPREGI, Changes in Dream Patterns between Antiquity and Byzantium: The Impact of Medical Learning on Dream Healing - G. KLANICZAY, Dreams and Visions in Medieval Miracle Accounts - C. RIDER, Ritual Harm and Ritual Healing: Bartholomaeus Carrichter's On the Healing of Magical Illnesses (1556 ) - F. SALMÓN, The Physician as Cure in Medical Scholasticism. Indici
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