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Between Text and Patient: The Medical Enterprise in Medieval & Early Modern Europe

Edited by Florence Eliza Glaze and Brian K. Nance

Bros.  pp. XII-572 + 32 tavv f.t., € 72
CollanaMicrologus' Library, 39
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F. E. GLAZE - B. K. NANCE, Introduction - F. NEWTON, Arabic Medicine and Other Arabic Influences in Southern Italy in the Time of Constantinus Africanus (saec. XI²) - F. E. GLAZE, Prolegomena: Scholastic Openings to Gariopontus of Salerno's Passionarius Florence - P. GIL-SOTRES, The Viridarium id est Expositio Antidotarii Nicolai Salernitani by Stephanus Arlandi - L. DEMAITRE, Skin and the City: Cosmetic Medicine as an Urban Concern - J. ZIEGLER, Medicine and the Body at the Table in Fourteenth-Century Italy: Book one of Philip of Ferrara's Liber de introductione loquendi - J. CADDEN, In Search of the Divine Physician: Learned Medicine and Psychology in the Works of Three Fifteenth-Century Spanish Nuns - K.-D. FISCHER, Antidotum cui nomen est acharistum - A. VAN ARSDALL, The Transmission of Knowledge in Early Medieval Medical Texts: an Exploration - M. K. K. YEARL, Bloodletting as Recreation in the Monasteries of Medieval Europe - L. E. VOIGTS, Fifteenth-Century English Banns Advertising the Services of an Itinerant Doctor - P. M. JONES, Mediating Collective Experience: the Tabula Medicine (1416-1425) as a Handbook for Medical Practice - P. D. MITCHELL, The Spread of Disease with the Crusades - M. GREEN, Moving from Philology to Social History: the Circulation and Uses of Albucasis's Latin Surgery in the Middle Ages - F. SALMÓN, From Patient to Text? Narratives of Pain and Madness in Medical Scholasticism - J. ARRIZABALAGA, The Changing Identity of the French Pox in Early Renaissance Castile - B. K. NANCE, The Arena and the Study: Medical Practice in Turquet de Mayerne's Treatment of Robert Cecil's Final Illness - N. G. SIRAISI, Theory, Experience, and Customary Practice in the Medical Writings of Francisco Sanches - C. BURNETT, The Latin Versions of Maimonides' On Sexual Intercourse (De coitu) - V. NUTTON, Pseudonymity and the Critic: Authenticating the Medieval Galen - I. MACLEAN, The Reception of Medieval Practical Medicine in the Sixteenth Century: The Case of Arnau de Vilanova - L. NUVOLONI, Medieval Medical Manuscripts in the British Library's Harleian Collection - Bibliography of Michael R. McVaugh's Major Publications. Indici.