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Corpus Rhythmorum Musicum Saec. IV-IX. 1. Songs in non-Liturgical Sources / Canti di tradizione non liturgica I. Lyrics / Canzoni

Directed by Francesco Stella. Musical Edition by Sam Barret

Ril.  pp. CLXXXIV-446, vol. 1 + CD-ROM € 286
CollanaMillennio Medievale, 072
SottocollanaTesti, 18
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A digital and printed edition of the first rhythmical Latin poems from the 4th to 9th century set to music. A project of the University of Siena in Arezzo coordinated by Francesco Stella with critical editions of the texts prepared by Michael Peter Bachmann, Corinna Bottiglieri, Pascale Bourgain, Edoardo D'Angelo, Michele Camillo Ferrari, Francesco Lo Monaco, Ruth Miguel Franco-Jesús Hernández Lobato, Francesco Stella and David Vitali. Musical edition by Sam Barrett. An introduction to the manuscripts by Patrizia Stoppacci. Musical recordings by Giacomo Baroffio Dahnk and the choir "Laus cordis" dir. by Eun Ju Kim. This first volume and CD-ROM presents a collection of poems and music as transmitted in non-liturgical manuscripts: contents include the Planctus for the death of Charlemagne and of Duke Henry of Friaul, the lament after the battle of Fontenoy, the hymns of the Modena watchers, the Christmas song Gratuletur omnis caro, songs about the Last Judgement and the Antichrist, and lyrics of confession or biblical narration by Carolingian poets such as Paulinus of Aquileia and Gottschalk of Orbais, all of which is presented for the first time in both a textual and musical edition. The CD-ROM also includes digital reproductions of and transcriptions from all manuscripts, recordings of musical performances of modern transcriptions, and archives of paleographical, musical, linguistical and metrical data that may be searched using software designed by Luigi Tessarolo.
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